Meet Travlinmad


We're Lori and Angelo of Travlinmad -- travel writers, content creators, and digital storytellers. We travel the world to eat local foods, taste local flavors, experience the local culture and the making of food, wine, and whatever local hooch is being made. We travel to explore what’s unique and different from our own culture, our own city — even in small ways — and food is one of the biggest expressions of that. Food is life! Traditional food reflects our values and our cultural heritage passed down through generations, and it's always a treat when we get to share in that connection, whether we’re at home or traveling half way around the world! We share immersive, slow travel, and fun food experiences to inspire you to travel more and make those connections. Follow us on social @Travlinmad.

Lori, Travlinmad

Lori is Travlinmad's editor, co-writer, and photographer who caught the photography bug as a kid, and started traveling soon thereafter — a combination that eventually led to her career in tourism and destination marketing. She hails from New Jersey and loves Bruce Springsteen and fresh Jersey tomatoes and strawberries. She loves to cook & eat (Italian and Thai are her faves), drink red wine and tequila, listen to loud music, and be at the ocean. She loves farm- and sea-to-table food experiences, unique food tours, and photographing the colors and textures of the places she visits.

Angelo, Travlinmad

Angelo is our co-writer and business guy, whose prior career was in aviation, anthropology, and air traffic control - even if it was interrupted for a decade - but that defining moment led him to meet Lori and finish graduate school. Originally from eastern Pennsylvania, he grew up eating scrapple, steak sandwiches and Yocco's hot dogs, and he still does. He's a U.S. Marine and a Parrothead who loves boats, airplanes, and yoga, and it was his first trip to Italy where his love of food and wine lit a spark for baking and now there's always bread and pastry around!


What’s still on our bucket list?


More Mexico.....More Indonesia.....More Europe.....Always Italy.....and Angelo really wants to see the Aurora Borealis. ;-)