Buonanotte, Positano: A PhotoTour

When the afternoon sun steals away behind the cliffs and the last ferry pulls away from the pier, all of Positano begins to exhale and the most beautiful part of the day begins. 

The blue hour arrives, as the last bit of gold dissolves, and lights appear on the water as fishing boats find their way home.

The last customers leave the store as shop owners turn off the lights one by one...by one.

It's time to shake off the day's cat nap...

give thanks for our blessings....

get ready for what the night may bring....

Quiet your steps in the street and listen to the muffled conversations of the day, the rattle of pots and pans.  Breathe in the aromas that escape open windows and carry you along. 

The silent streets beg you to follow them....down, up....just a little further to see what's around....the next corner

Stay lost for awhile in the beautiful stillness in the streets of Positano....listen for the haunting whispers of ancient souls who pass you by. 

One last candle lit and a prayer spoken, a wish made...

The darkened street corners hold tightly to secrets we'll never know as we walk past on our way home.


Buonanotte, beautiful Positano, and sogni d'oro... sweet dreams.

Evening in Positano Italy