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The Boozie Bucket List! 30 Top Distillery Tours, Wine Tasting Tours & Beer Experiences Around the World

Looking to take some of the world’s best distillery tours, beer cruises, wine tasting tours, and drinking experiences? There’s no denying that brewing, distilling, and fermenting are as much a craft as preparing the foods to go with it. So add these 30 unique drink experiences from around the world to your Boozie Bucket List!

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Prost! Tasting Echter Nordhäuser Doppelkorn and Korn Schnaps in a Traditional Germany Distillery

Germany may be known for their hearty steins of beer and Oktoberfest, but their long tradition of distilling is equally fun and interesting to explore. Echter Nordhäuser distillery, in the Harz town of Nordhausen, produces their famous korn schnaps and the unique double-distilled Echter Nordhäuser doppelkorn. A fun and tasty way to see Germany!

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City or Countryside: Explore Both on These Europe Rail Holidays

Whether you are looking to explore scenic country views or discover architectural delights in the city, you can do both and more on some amazing Europe rail holidays. Here are some of the top destinations for amazing rail journeys Europe is known for. All aboard!

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