A Dream Lunch Under the Tuscan Sun

The warm September weather was perfect - not too hot, with a slight breeze, and cool grass to sit on. Even the stone steps around this Tuscan property were cool enough for the dogs to relax on.

This was all like a scene playing out from Under The Tuscan Sun, except there were no Polish contractors making noise and renovating the old farmhouse. Today was quiet.

The goats were playing in the fields around the house, and we were sitting down to a Tuscan-style lunch with Nora, Arianna, and Aslessio.  I couldn't have imagined a more perfect setting on a beautiful sunny afternoon. It was an Italy bucket list experience for sure.

The table was set on Nora’s gravel patio under a vine and flower covered pergola and we relaxed and took pictures while Alessio, Arianna, and Nora arranged platters of freshly baked Tuscan bread, artisanal cheeses, and roasted veggies. And of course, a bottle of local Tuscan wine. 

The perfect wine choice for our alfresco lunch was a light white wine with a hint of new sparkle.  

Platters of fresh marinated veggies, like whole baby artichokes and cherry peppers, some stuffed with cheese and others with tuna.

These small simple dishes of fresh olives and plump sun-dried tomatoes went from pretty to fabulous when Nora reached into her garden and twisted off a handful of fresh herbs to garnish the plate. Such a great reminder that the incredible beauty of Tuscany is all about simplicity.

Freshly baked Tuscan bread is an absolute must.

and of course, a big block of fresh cheese to slice and go with it.

Meet Nora, the New Yorker turned Chianti Cashmere Queen who tends her beautiful cashmere goats for their luxurious wool. Notice I didn't say she was an ex-New Yorker, since you might leave New York but it never really leaves you!

Alessio serves the bread and cheese - and look at that beautiful olive wood cutting board!

A delicious end to our Tuscan lunch, dessert was as simple and elegant as everything that came before it - fresh made Panforte, a traditional and very dense nut and dried fruit concoction from Siena.




Have you dreamed of this kind of travel, enjoying a sunny afternoon lunch with friends under the Tuscan sun? A visit to northern Tuscany makes a perfect side trip from Florence. Arianna and Alessio live and work in Chianti, organizing slow travel, local, producer-oriented tours throughout Tuscany that are specially curated to what interests you. We had the best time with them!

Km Zero Tours - Contact them through their website or email Arianna@KmZeroTours.com

Tuscan Lunch, Chianti