Italian Days Food Feast: The Sweet Ending to Our Bologna Food Tour

Some of the most fun you can have as a foodie in Italy is taking an Italian food tour. But when you combine that with interesting factory tours, a vivacious host, new found friends from around the world, and a genuine food coma, that's much more than a tour. It's an experience. 


We had that kind of experience recently with a food tour in Bologna - the Italian Days Food Experience - tasting the flavors of the Emilia Romagna region, which ended with lots of amazing food, wine, and smiles, around a big lunch table at Bonfiglioli Ristorante.

This Bologna food tour began and ended with lots of wine from the Emilia Romagna region, and the food kept coming.....and coming....

Pignoletto is a light, semi sparkling white wine that's found all over the Emilia Romagna region

Cheers to our new British friends, who were hilarious!

One of our favorite dishes - Tortellachi, a large egg noodle stuffed with meat, cheese, and Italian herbs

Bologna is famous for tortellini, and this dish was light on the cheese and delicious

Traditional Bolognese sauce with egg and spinach noodles

Clockwise from top left: Polenta squares with aged balsamic, puffed tortellachi lightly fried, stuffed flatbread with meat and onion

Alessandro kept the crowd entertained with stories and wine, lots and lots of wine

Roast chicken cooked perfectly

Roasted potatoes, two ways

Seared beef with fresh rosemary

Puffed flatbread with prosciutto

Dessert was a chocolatty brownie, cheesecake square, and smooth, creamy panna cotta with a raspberry sauce 

Nocino is a traditional Italian liqueur made from green walnuts



The Italian Days Food Experience will ruin you for forever for Italy's most iconic foods, but in the best possible way. Alessandro puts his heart and soul into making it much more than a tour. It's easily one of the best food tours in Bologna especially for first timers, and you'll be a Parmigiano cheese convert and balsamic lover forever. Book your tour online or at the Bologna Welcome infopoint in Piazza Maggiore.