Holiday Gift Guide: 6 Globally-Inspired Travel Scarves You'll Feel Good About Buying

A good scarf is an absolute travel essential - hands down one of the most versatile pieces you can pack. If packing light is important to you ("I wish I'd packed more" said no one ever), get yourself a scarf in a color and size that suits you. And while you're at it, buy one for your favorite traveler as well. Narrow and lightweight scarves look fabulous as a hair scarf or shoulder cover for visiting modest places like churches or temples when you travel. They're also great photo props on windy days trailing in the wind. A warmer, oversized scarf can double as your blankie on chilly flights and for extra layers to get you through long travel days. Scarves dress up the neckline or waistline of any outfit and some can actually become a new clothing layer like a shoulder shrug (tie short ends together in a knot and slip your arms through), sarong, swimsuit coverup, or even a mini dress. The possibilities are endless.


Here are six of my globally-inspired favorites to snatch up as you get ready to head out in 2017. Some have a chic, global look. Others are gorgeous inside and out by supporting fair-trade in developing countries. All of them are created by makers around the world with their own special story.


Whatever you celebrate - if you celebrate - the happiest of holidays to you, my dear friends! 



Lincoln & Lenox Silk and Cashmere Scarves by The Global Creator

$235.00 USD

I'm loving this newly launched site for unique, globally-sourced goods. These soft and sumptuous scarves depict original photographs created by Miami-based designers Lincoln & Lenox for The Global Creator, a new travel lifestyle brand driven by a community of individuals who share a passion for experiencing the world on a deeper, more conscious level. Like everything at The Global Creator, these scarves have been curated so you can shop locally, globally, and fill your personal style with items that resonate from around the world. Now that's an awesome idea!




Vinyasa Scarf by Lululemon

$48.00 USD

This no-fuss customizable scarf is made with a moisture-wicking, four-way stretch Luon® fabric that's cottony soft and naturally breathable. So not only is it stylish, but it's versatile enough for daily yoga, hiking the Inca Trail, and chasing waterfalls as well. Several friends swear by the versatility and love the neutral look. If you're not a colorful scarf kinda gal straying far from your grays and softer grays, this one's for you. This scarf will go wherever you go and look fabulous doing it.




Shibori Tie Dye Scarf by Global Goods Partners

$62.00 USD  

Everyone knows a lightweight silk scarf is the ultimate transitional piece. This sheer accessory features a retro tie-dye purple square design with blue highlights, made with the shibori technique of folding and twisting to dye. Cut wide and long at 88”L x 30½W, the slightly frayed edges bring a cool look to this unique silk scarf. What's more is that your purchase supports the Artisans Association of Cambodia, a 32-member fair trade association who aid over 4,000 Cambodian artisans in improving their socio-economic situations. 




The Secret Scarf by Tammi

$23.00 - $28.00 USD

If you carry a lot of little things around with you but don't always like carrying a purse, you have to give this scarf a try. There's a secret zippered pocket sewn inside! This creative Etsy site offers the ingenious scarves in dozens of fabrics so you'll find just the right weight and texture for wherever you're traveling. What's also cool are the RFID matching wallets she can create to match your scarf. I tried several scarves on a recent trip to Italy and they were a great way to store a ton of little stuff and leave me hands-free. You can read my review here. Great for the favorite travelers on your list!




Boho Silk Scarves by Johnny Was

$98.00 USD

Named after the classic Bob Marley reggae tune with the eponymous line, “Johnny was a good man…”, Johnny Was clothes are about "crossing cultures and defying trends". We can all relate to that, but honestly they had me at their creative designs from the start. The first time I saw their silk scarves (that they show you how to wear a million ways, ask for the catalog), I was hooked. 




Oversized Artisan Scarves by A Peace Treaty

$50.00 - over $500.00 USD

A Peace Treaty was founded on the belief that things made by human hands, imbued with the story of their maker, are the most beautiful and luxurious in the world. They see themselves as champions for slow fashion and preservationists of centuries-old techniques. So far, they've worked with artisan groups across ten countries to produce their exclusive collections. Their collection of handmade cashmere, baby alpaca, silk, and cotton/silk scarves are rich in color and print, and so soft and luxurious.


Tell us your favorite use for an awesome travel scarf!