Prosciutto, Pro-SHOOT-o: This Little Piggy Went to Market

One stop on the Italian Days Food Experience will have you touring a facility for the production of authentic prosciutto di Modena among others. The hams produced in Modena are of superior quality, equal to that of their famous neighbor Prosciutto di Parma, only with less production. Which is, in my opinion, to their advantage. Lower production means less pressure to produce, and a better tasting ham.  

Freshly harvested hind quarters from only Italian DOP pigs

Hams hang to cure with a paste of lard to seal the exposed meat

Aging hams hang for an additional 11 months after processing

Aging hams hang for an additional 11 months after processing

The producer's brand is a sign of quality production

With prosciutto, the proof is in the flavor. This tasting included prosciutto and speck, a slightly fattier version 



The Italian Days Food Experience will ruin you for forever for Italy's most iconic foods, but in the best possible way. Alessandro puts his heart and soul into making it much more than a tour. You'll be a Parmigiano cheese convert and a balsamic lover after the day is done. Book your tour online or at the Bologna Welcome infopoint in Piazza Maggiore.