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CHECKING IN! Tierra de Leyendas: Right at Home In the Southernmost City in the World

The next time you find yourself traveling to Ushuaia, Argentina - the end of the world and southernmost city in the world - you’ll need a cozy place to stay before you head off to hike Tierra del Fuego or on your Antarctic expedition. We couldn’t recommend Tierra de Leyendas more for a relaxing stay.

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Where to See Penguins in Patagonia on Isla Martillo, Argentina

You can find penguins around the world, but if you want to see a variety of species in one place without going to Antartica, head to the end of the world in southern Argentina, one of the best places to see penguins in Patagonia. Here’s where to see them in Ushuaia and what else to see when you go.

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First Timers Guide: 5 Things to Consider When Planning Your Trip to Patagonia

Independent travel isn't always easy, but it carries many rewards - like an open and flexible schedule you can write as you go. Planning your first independent trip to a remote region of the world like Patagonia can be daunting, but here are a few logistical things (complete with our itinerary) that will come in handy your your trip to the end of the world!

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