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Food in Bologna: 10 Quintessential Must-Eat Foods in Italy's Culinary City

If you’re a foodie, no doubt you’ve wondered about the food in Bologna. Like the iconic luxury cars that also hail from this region, Bologna and Emilia Romagna are the Ferraris and Lamborghinis of Italian food. With a food scene this epic, knowing what to eat in Bologna is key. Don’t miss these 10 must-eat foods in the culinary capital of Italy!

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Savoring the Best Czech Food in Prague on the Taste of Prague Food Tour

If you love discovering traditional locals foods and want to dive deeper into Czech cuisine than what you might find on your own, taking a Prague food tour is the perfect way to do it. We took the Foodie Tour with Taste of Prague and had one of the most unique food experiences we’ve ever had. Much more than just a food tour, you’ll taste centuries of history and culture in the food! #Praguefoodtour #Taste of Prague #Prague #CzechRepublic

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