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3 Historic Outer Banks Lighthouses You Can Climb and Conquer

The maritime history of North Carolina’s Outer Banks is legendary, filled with pirate legends and shipwrecks, and visiting the string of Outer Banks lighthouses along its treacherous coast is fun for the whole family. But climbing them has the best view of all. This guide shows you which OBX lighthouses you can climb, and what to know before you go!

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Opa! Diving Deep into the Greek Culture of Tarpon Springs, Florida

Central Florida's gulf coast is a nature lovers paradise. But some of the most intriguing culture here involving the natural world adds a very unique feel to the town of Tarpon Springs - the Mediterannean culture of Opa! 

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Religious cult or Utopia? Explore Florida's Fascinating History at Koreshan State Park in Estero

A group of intrepid hollow-Earth believers follow a New York physician they thought was a Messiah into the harsh swamp of south Florida to create a better civilization. This fascinating gem of true and not-so-distant Florida history is what you’ll find at the Koreshan State Park in Estero, a must visit for history and culture lovers!

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