My Christmas List: online and available for immediate delivery, to me :-)

Have you guys heard of

(By the way, this is not a sponsored post!)

This cool online gift store curates a collection of unique gifts you don't find everywhere, in all price ranges. They have handy gift ideas for travelers like us to make life easier on the road, and great things for foodies and home chefs, kids, Moms, the family fashionista, pretty much anyone in your life. And you can make Wish Lists for all of them and one for yourself. I'm sorry to say I'm not the best when it comes to gifting or remembering birthdays or anniversaries, and when I finally get around to shopping, it's usually last-minute and I end up spending way more than I should have, just in shipping and handling.

That's me. And my Birkenstocks.

So when they reached out and invited me to be a Contributor and gather together a list of my favorite gift ideas, I was excited, though at first I thought they must have me confused with someone else. An online gift company based in Milan? The fashion center of the universe? Suffice it to say there's a very good reason I'm not a lifestyle or fashion blogger. My Birkenstocks and Keen sandals will attest to the strange looks we received (and by we, I mean me AND them) when I wore them in Italy, and in the Piazzetta on Capri GASP :-) Oh, the looks on the faces of those gorgeous Italian women dressed in the latest fashions spoke volumes (and by spoke, I mean screamed). I get it, and I'll up my game next time I'm there!

But then I saw their travel items. Oh my. All sorts of fun gadgets to enhance your travels and photography. But the thing that really caught my eye was the gift of travel. The travel "experiences" that can be gifted to your favorite loved ones are truly amazing - like luxury stays in Positano at Le Sirenuse or glamping in New York's Catskill mountains (glamorous camping in luxurious tents) - come on, how cool would that be!

As you might imagine, my List is filled with travel-related or travel-useful gifts - you can find my List here just in case you need ideas for that little something special to get me for the holidays 😀

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