want to get really personal? 


OK, here goes. I'm originally from The Garden State of New Jersey and will forever defend the undeserved bad rap it gets because yes, the majority of the state is green!  I've lived all over the eastern United States and traveled here and abroad for work and fun.

That's me in Disney World in Florida circa 1973, shortly after it just opened

That's me in Disney World in Florida circa 1973, shortly after it just opened

I caught the travel bug as a kid when my parents carted us off on family vacations across America. I'm the youngest of four girls and naturally my father encouraged the daring and adventurous tomboy in me...still does. Then at the age of 8, they stuck a camera in my hands besides, so it's really no surprise I'm doing this today. :-)  


In 2014, I decided if I was going to work my butt off, I wanted to do it for me and no one else. So I made the leap from a career in tourism marketing to do what I truly love - travel and photography. And it all comes together here on Travlinmad. But the kind of travel I do isn't exactly laying by the pool with an umbrella drink in my hand - though that definitely has its place sometimes! But I find the best travel experiences are the ones that move you, and stay with you forever.


My undergraduate degree is in Criminal Justice with Masters work toward a Social Work degree. The first five years out of college I worked with violent crime victims and the disabled. And as fate would have it, I once got lost in the wrong building on my way to a job interview and ended up working for a sales company that changed my career path forever. That job combined all the things I loved but never thought of doing for a living - sales and marketing, publicity, graphic design, public speaking, event planning, and traveling. Over the next 25 years, I worked on both the client and agency side of marketing and advertising, and in destination marketing - most recently as Director of Tourism and Economic Development for historic Culpeper County, Virginia.  


I love: Italian arias, Bruce Springsteen, and Monty Python humor in equal measure; cooking & eating Italian and Thai, red wine, loud music, the ocean, Balinese design, an open mind, a kind heart, street food anywhere, and Bill Murray in anything. 

I need: My husband and family, my camera, balance, and to stop cursing and talking politics!

I want to learn: To surf, and speak Italian (maybe just a few good curse words) :-)


My wish list:  India. Croatia. Morocco. New Zealand. China. More Mexico. More Indonesia. More Europe. Always Italy.